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From Social Networking to Now

January 26, 2010

Within the last few years, my experience with social media has grown. Whether I’m participating in on-line conversations, reviewing products, reposting links, instant messaging, listening to music, sharing what I’m thinking, promoting my novel, or watching videos, engaging in social media has become a part of my daily routine. (

However, I can still recall the days when the only bit I was aware of beyond sending email and surfing the Web, was social networking on MySpace.  That was back in 2006, while working in the Executive Office of Sean “Diddy” Combs.  Between keeping in the know for my job and trying to stay in touch with my then-nine year old sister, it was very necessary for me to stay well connected.  So I created an account, uploaded my picture, selected a background, made an ever-changing playlist, and continued to tailor my page as new developments happened in my life.  There was not a day that passed without me checking my page to see if anyone had sent a message, requested me as a friend, or left a comment.  Before I knew it, I had hundreds of friends, some that I had only met virtually.  As time passed, I slowly deviated from MySpace and migrated to Facebook.

The discovery of Facebook has allowed me to connect with people I know beyond the entertainment industry.  It’s more professional and is a great way to keep in contact with college mates, school friends, and other people in my “network.”  It was on Facebook where I began to have more in depth conversations by chatting, sending messages to friends’ inboxes or communicating from wall-to-wall.  Once comfortable with that medium, I found myself on other sites giving commentary and feeling confident about having my own opinion.

Since becoming a part of the social media space, I’ve learned to contribute my ideas about things I purchase, listen to, view, and taste, whether I like the experience or am displeased.  Sites I frequent include Yelp, Imeem, Pandora, YouTube, and Wikipedia.  These sites also allow me to seek out information from others.

So now that I’m at NYU enrolled in the Social Media: Objectives, Strategies, Tactics course, I plan to expand my use of social media by learning the inner workings and best practices to help achieve business goals.  It’s one thing to utilize social media for personal purposes, but to have the ability to use my voice and knowledge of the subject to attain organizational objectives will instill a greater confidence and skill.