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Stressed Out?

April 17, 2010

With the semester’s end approaching, I feel anxiety about the amount of papers, projects, and exams I have to get through in just a couple of weeks.  Knowing that I am not alone, I thought it would be helpful if I asked a group of friends how they manage stress.

Using the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM)application on my BlackBerry Tour, I sent a broadcast message to all of my BBM contacts asking them to tell me in a few words how they cope. Their top 25 stress reducers are listed below.

25 Stress Relievers

1.   The key to coping with stress is first recognizing the signs of stress. This includes headache, aching body, loss of concentration, and fatigue. If you recognize stress at this level you can then combat it.

2.   Get on the treadmill/go to the gym. It releases endorphins.

3.   Take a nap.

4.   Do the opposite of the stress inducing activity…use the other side of brain.

5.   Speak to family and friends.

6.   Have a good laugh or conversation.

7.   Enjoy a glass of wine.

8.   Listen to music.

9.   Spend time in prayer, reflection, and meditation.

10.                Have a cocktail.

11.                Try to do something relaxing to take mind off the issue.

12.                Read a book or watch television.

13.                Limit your schedule.

14.                Read the Bible.

15.                Take a hot bath.

16.                Watch a good movie.

17.                Have some “me time.”

18.                Reflect on your blessings.

19.                Sit back and relax.

20.                Remember that many stressful things go away eventually, so just sit and be patient.

21.                Indulge in a great massage.

22.                Participate in a physical activity to release the tension.

23.                Place stress in a box and deal with it when you get bored.

24.                Ignore the stressor and concentrate on controllable things.

25.                Confront it head on and put 100% energy into solving it to move on

Do you already do any of these things when you feel stressed? Is there anything else you find helpful?

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  1. April 20, 2010 4:50 pm

    Just about every item on your list sounds welcome to me right now. Though, truth be told, a glass of wine generally leads to a second, which then leads to me not finishing my homework and an increased stress level. May have to be alcohol free until the semester wraps up.

    When I’m stressed out, the best possible choice is a workout. It either takes the form of a really long run, which helps me sort through my stress and come back feeling energized, or a stress-busting yoga practice, which helps me push the stuff that’s bugging me out of my mind. It helps that I can do these things any old time and that they’re free. Because, believe me, I’d be getting daily massages the next two weeks if I could!

    Here’s hoping the last couple weeks don’t stress you out too much. It’ll be over before we know it!

  2. Brooke Fairey permalink
    April 21, 2010 12:00 am

    When I feel stressed I do many of the things you listed. They’re all very helpful for me. One thing I am very thankful that I don’t do when I am stressed is emotionally eat. Although, I did see recently in a Woman’s Health magazine article that there are certain foods we can eat to help us relieve stress. They are: Almonds, Pistachios & Walnuts; Avocados; Skim Milk; Oatmeal; Oranges; Salmon and Spinach. Perhaps these items should be added to the stress-busting list.

  3. April 21, 2010 4:27 pm

    Hello, Sondra.

    I like the list you put together. In all the time I have spent in school, I find the best way to aviod stress is time management. This really helps me get down to business!

    But my top picks to relieve stress:
    – Horseback riding- this empties my head and I literally think of nothing else
    -Meditation- before bed to help me sleep
    -Confront stressor- especially important when you are working on deadline
    -Weight training- best workouts when stressed

    I hope you have a few weeks to relax after this semester!



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