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The Redemption of Michael Vick

March 18, 2010

It can take years to build your brand, a moment for it to crumble, and severe focus to regain what you once had.  Look at Michael Vick’s situation for instance.

In 2001, he was the NFL overall draft pick and became the star quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons from 2001 to 2008.  Then in April 2007, his fall from grace began with the accusation of operating an unlawful interstate dog-fighting ring.  After pleading guilty to felony charges in August 2007, Vick lost major endorsements and was imprisoned for 21 months.  Still regarded as an exceptional player, he was reinstated by the NFL in July 2009, signed to the Philadelphia Eagles, and given a second chance.

He’s on a positive track with using open communication to “right his wrongs” while rebuilding his brand, re-establishing confidence among fans, and partnering with organizations to speak against animal cruelty and educate youth on its detriments.

Righting His Wrongs with The Michael Vick Project

The 10 episode reality series, executive produced by Vick, airs on BET on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. Eastern Time. Vick said, “I am not doing this documentary to show people that I’m back and unchanged by the experiences of the last few years. I’m allowing the cameras to see the truth in the good, the bad and the ugly results of my decisions.”

Re-Establishing Confidence Among Fans

At the start of the December 2009 Atlanta Falcons vs. Philadelphia Eagles game, the crowd chanted. Going forward, by focusing on the game and displaying his athletic ability, Vick is working towards reclaiming middle ground fans and those he lost along the way.

Partnering with Organizations to Speak Against Animal Cruelty

Dedicated to working with the Humane Society, Michael Vick travels across the country speaking to the youth about his mistakes. A few weeks ago, he visited the New Horizons alternative school in Durham, North Carolina to talk to them about the need for making good choices.

In spite of his efforts to redeem himself, there’s still a possibility that he may never regain trust among animal lovers and activists groups, he risks not being endorsed as strongly as in the past, and the lack of endorsements would result in reduced earnings.

How do you feel about what he did? Do you think that once a man rights his wrongs he should be able to rebuild himself and have another try at his career?  Martha did and she’s back on top.

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